Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Karunya Plus KN 248 Kerala Lottery Result 17.1.2019

Karunya lottery ticket for the KN248 series draw has been announced. The 248th chronological draw as per stipulations, the results made official now. The deputy director of Kerala lottery made their appearance for the Thursday draw as per scheduled made now. You can download the official streaming results of Kerala lottery ticket for the Thursday Bagyakuri update mentioned in concern with 17th January 2019.

Karunya Plus KN 248 Kerala Lottery Result 17.1.2019

The official information from Sree Chitra center made sure regarding the release of Karunya plus lottery results for the KN248 tickets.

Karunya Plus KN 248
Karunya Plus KN 248 - Courtesy:

The Live results can be downloaded here below accordingly with the series of winning numbers followed in the pattern followed in winning updated for today Karunya plus lottery ticket. The following link given below will help you to check the results for the Karunya plus Bagyakuri for their 248th draw scheduled for Thursday update.

Karunya Plus KN 248


Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Karunya Plus KN 244 Kerala Lottery Result 20.12.2018

Karunya Plus KN 244 Kerala Lottery Result 20.12.2018: Karunya plus lottery in concern with KN244 series results has been announced. The declaration of the same KN244 tickets results unveiled from Sree Chitra auditorium in concerning all stipulations followed by the tickets of wednesday's draw. Each ticket worth 40INR and the big prize money guaranteed by the notififcation unveiled regarding the same. Well, the draw has been announed in a 4 and 6 digit format.If you purchased the ticket from the department of Kerala lotteries and you want to make sure that KN244 valued anything, please make sure that you can also download the Live results of the same.


Thursday, 29 November 2018

Pooja Bumper 2018 Results 30.11.2018 Kerala Lottery Result BR64

Pooja Bumper 2018 Results 30.11.2018- Kerala Lottery Result BR64: The extremely fortunate individual for this season has been uncovered. The official presentation of Pooja Bumper 2018 outcome is currently Live at Sree Chitra focus alongside the Nirmal NR97 lottery results. After the fruitful assertion of Onam Bumper results on the web, lottery branch of Kerala uncovered the fortunate refresh of Pooja Bumper BR64 tickets. The ticket value cash comes around 150 and if take a book it will be 120 for every ticket. The deal goes on for a time of 2 months and made sense of BR64 to move in excess of 10 lakhs of tickets in a range of this time.

Pooja Bumper2018 Results 30.11.2018

Pooja Bumper BR64 updates and notice as expressed in the ticket disclosed alongside the deal. Nonetheless, the ticket sent the stipulation in such a way, to the point that each ticket of BR64 prizes in digits of 4 and 6 got diverse highlights. Each component of the ticket has been executed at the rear of the Pooja Bumper 2018.

Pooja Bumper 2018 Results
Pooja bumper 2018, Courtesy: Quintdaily
All things considered, the Christmas new year Bumper lottery tickets are prepared for their entrance after the announcement of this Pooja Bumper 2018. Give us a chance to investigate the thought on the best way to check the outcomes for the Pooja BumperBagyakuri BR64 here Online.

To check Pooja Bumper 2018 Results Online:

  • Go to the ticket and ensure the Pooja Bumper arrangement dated 30.11.2018 matches equally with the arrangement of draw BR64.
  • Download the BR64 results from here:

  • Follow up the example and check whether your tickets number of 4 and 6 included or not.
  • Ensure that the Subseries of BR-64 tickets oversaw for the Pooja Bumper lottery booked 30.11.18 matches.
  • The prize cash can be gathered for the BR64 tickets according to the follow up in the up and coming days according to the system what lottery division says.
  • You are finished.

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Karunya Plus KN240 Kerala Lottery Result 22.11.2018 Live Today

Karunya Plus KN240 Kerala Lottery Result 22.11.2018 Live: Karunya Plus KN240 results has been announced. The declaration of KN 240 series results has been updated from Sree Chitra center. The information and the source updated regarding the release of Karunya plus lottery results have been provided by the Kerala state lottery department as on 22.11.2018.

 You can follow the link given to check and make sure that you were included in the results.

Check your results.

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Karunya Plus KN 239 Kerala Lottery Result 15.11.2018

Karunya Plus KN 239 Kerala Lottery Result 15.11.2018: All results of Karunya plus tickets till KN238 has been unveiled successfully. The appreciated 7 days sale for the Kerala lottery KN239 draw figures out this Thursday. Have you collected the tickets of the KN 239 series? Well, the sale has been closed by the dealers out there in the Kerala who supported the tickets KN 239 of 15th November 2018 draw.

As there were KN 239 tickets sold out in all possible manner at the various part of Kerala and in the nearby big town of Tamilnadu regions and some part of Karnataka as well. If you purchased the series KN 239 that figures out the results, feel free to take a look on the Karunya plus lottery result KN239 and be a part of the happiness after checking the draw results. Check the results of 80 lakh winning KN 239 series here >> Check your Karunya plus KN239 results.

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Karunya Plus KN237 Kerala Lottery Result

Karunya Plus KN237 Kerala Lottery Result 1.11.2018 Live Today: Karunya Plus KN237 lottery results have been made Live. Who won the 80 lakhs lottery on Kerala Piravi day 2018? Are you excited? Here comes the one and only Sree Chitra to announced the official results. Well, its time now . ) I think the results might have aired. Let us see more in detail in concern with the KN237 results of 0 lakhs draw updated by the Kerala lottery department here: Check your KN237 results.